3. sep. 2008

Woman football cup

Today I'have joined again woman football. This time I wasn't late and had enought time.
Because of the late hour some photos have very bright actully white background, and higher ISO is visible. I wish I had some lens 400mm with AF. Because if more actions are on other side of the field 200mm doesn't help much. But for beggining I think the aren't that bad.

This is rough game.

Maja in sprint.

Hard landing.

Feel free to leave your suggestion or advice.

2 komentarja:

visult pravi ...


QL fotke. Le ne pozabi, da je žoga vedno sestavni del fotografije.

Nisem sicer specialist a fotka brež žoge pri meni roma v koš. veliko pripomore tudi pri kompoziciji.


piXi pravi ...

hvala za nasvet, se strinjam da nogometa brez žoge ni